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Leather Softeners

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Silicone solutions for leather softeners

CHT offers special silicone solutions that exhibit hydrophobicity thanks to chemical functionalities on the polymer chains. This feature allows an excellent distribution of the humidity along leather fibres, providing a high-quality, soft and “full” sensation.

Our silicones softeners are suitable for wet-end and finishing applications for formulating fat-liquors, pre-grounds or touch modifiers.

CHT wet-end additives are typically used in the wet-drum stage. Also, if correctly diluted can be applied by spray process or roller in finishing applications.

See our solution guides for leather softeners and contact us for formulating assistance. 

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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
HANSA LPW 720D Macroemulsion of amino siloxanes for manufacturing leather
HANSA LPW 797 Silicone softener for the leather industry