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Waterproofing Leather

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Fluorocarbon free silicones for waterproofing leather

CHT offers formulation assistance with water-resistant silicones for wet-end and leather finishing.

Formulators need an appropriate carboxy-functional polydimethylsiloxane to impart water repellence for wet-end processing. This process exploits the carboxy functionalities to bind the silicone to the leather fibre. Leaving the silicone to exploit its natural hydrophobicity to protect the leather. See our flyer that shows how CHT product transform formulations to significantly enhance the penetration within the fibres and improves the final performance.

Special reactive emulsions can be used alone or in combination with standard anionic waterborne binders in leather finishing. These can replace fluorocarbon resins which are known to cause environmental issues, especially in wastewater. For this reason, CHT offers sustainable solutions for replacing fluorocarbons in leather formulations.

Click here to view our epaper - Silicones for leather formulators

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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
EM 1616 16% surfactant-free solution of a unique amino-functional siloxane
HANSA LPF 710 Organo-modified polysiloxane to be used in leather production
HANSA LPF 716 Organo-modified polysiloxane to be used in leather production
HANSA LPW 713 Waterborne emulsion of a modified polysiloxane for waterproofing systems
HANSA LPW 714 Waterborne emulsion of reactive silicones for waterproofing systems
HANSA LPW 723 Macroemulsion of a modified siloxane to be used for manufacturing leather