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Silicones for use in Lubrication applications

How are silicones used for Lubrication?

Silicone polymers by nature have very low coefficients of friction thereby making them excellent lubricants for plastic and rubber. The non-reactive silicone fluids, or oils as they are sometimes known, can be used in their pure form or alternatively they can be processed to make grease or combined with water to make oil in water silicone emulsions. Resistance to high temperatures is also a useful quality which can be utilised in specific applications.

These lubricants can be used as the interface between most rubbers and plastics and when metals are in contact with rubber and plastic but should not be used in high load metal-to-metal bearings.

For more detailed explanations of the uses refer to the following pages:

Product Description Features
EM1035 Silicone Emulsion 35% Solids General purpose release agent
EM1039 Silicone Emulsion 39% Solids General purpose release agent
EM1065 Silicone Emulsion 60% Active General purpose release agent
EM1165 Silicone emulsion 65% Solids Good lubricant and release properties
EM1335 Silicone Emulsion 35% Solids Amino funtional micro emulsion
EM1539 Silicone Emulsion paintable Compatable with paints
SGM494 Silicone Grease Work stable after 24 hours at 200ºC
SGM496 Pink Silicone Grease HV Insulating Excellent work stability
ICM SVE-2067 Emulsion of 100000 cSt PDMS oil EC 648/2004 compliant surfactants
EM 18 35% Silicone Emulsion Excellent wetting characteristics