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Food Grade Mould Release

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Silicone Emulsions in food grade applications

Silicones that have been emulsified with FDA-approved ingredients have widespread use in food grade (FG) applications. CHT’s world class emulsification technology affords ultrastable products using these additives, and our technical staff can assist in selecting the most effective product for your specific food grade application. Our current FG product line has been developed to solve our customers’ food and food processing issues with thermoformed package denesting, slip aids, paper hydrophobing, antifoaming and food release. Bring your food-related manufacturing and packaging concerns to CHT’s silicone experts and let us customize an efficient FG emulsion for your application.

Technical Data Sheets for sample CHT food grade emulsions are available below.

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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
EM 1463 Food grade 350 cSt polydimethylsiloxane emulsion
ICM 1076 (60) Food grade silicone emulsion
TE-352 FG TE-352 FG is a 40% active food grade emulsion of 350 cSt PDMS fluid. This product was specially formulated for food packaging applications