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Water Treatment

Silicones for use in water treatment

Why are silicones used in Water Treatment?

Water treatment plants create foam which needs to be suppressed to maintain efficiency. Both silicone and non-silicone antifoams can be used to either knock down foam after build up or as an additive to reduce the initial build-up of foam. Product selection depends very much upon the pH value, temperature, water and the concentration or dosing requirement.

CHT antifoams are available either as high percentage concentrated products for pre-dilution or ready to use solutions.

Non-silicone antifoams are particularly useful for use in biological plants where the use of a silicone may interfere with the growth of desirable bacteria.

Product Description Features
AF1206 Silicone Antifoam 6% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1208 Silicone Antifoam 8% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1210 Silicone Antifoam 10% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1216 Silicone Antifoam 16% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1220 Silicone Antifoam 20% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1316 Silicone Antifoam 16% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1324 FG Silicone Antifoam 24% Solids Food Grade Food contact approved
AF1500 FG Silicone Antifoam 100% Solids Food Grade 100% active
ICM TA-20 Silicone antifoam Extreme foam knock down