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New Self Bonding Encapsulant - SE2011

SE2011 is a new self-bonding, condensation cure black, 30 Shore ‘A’ potting compound just launched by ACC Silicones Europe. Customers often require adhesion to ensure a watertight seal that will provide maximum protection for delicate electronics. Unlike addition cure encapsulants, SE2011 will develop chemical adhesion after 24 hours at room temperature without the need for heat or the application of a primer. Maximum adhesive strength will be reached after 7 days.

Key Characteristics:

  • Self-bonding
  • Easy 10:1 mix ratio by weight
  • Mixed viscosity 4000 mPas
  • Adhesion develops at room temperature

Key Benefits:

  • No need for the use of a primer or heat.
  • Increased environmental protection
  • Compatible with very sensitive electronic components
  • Compatible with machine processing
  • Moderate hardness will reduce stress on components

Watch the SE2011 video.