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PV Junction Box Potting Silicones

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ACC have a range of silicone potting compounds and encapsulants for sealing PV junction boxes. These encapsulants will help protect the connections form harmful contaminants and are resistant to UV light and high temperatures. Silicones have decades of documented proof of their longevity in PV applications.

Assembled junction boxes can be fixed to the PV module using the AS5700 range of silicone adhesives.

The selection of the correct potting compound will depend on the physical requirements.

  • Optically clear silicone gels can be used to protect without causing physical stress to the components.
  • Encapsulants meeting UL94 V-0 are also available when flame retardancy is of high importance.
  • Thermally conductive potting compounds can be used to remove unwanted heat away from the electronics.


ACC Silicone also have additional products available in their standard range of encapsulants.

Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
EGel3000 2-part silicone gel low viscosity
QSil553 SILCOTHERM 2 Part Addition cure silicone encapsulant