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What does RTV silicone mean?

RTV is a Room Temperature Vulcanising rubber which means, it cures from a liquid into a flexible rubber at room temperature. This type of silicone chemistry is the most widely used in the formulating of silicone adhesive sealants utilising the moisture in the atmosphere to react with chemical cross linkers, thereby enabling the formation of a silicone elastomer. 

The most common systems are: Acetoxy Oxime Alkoxy or Methoxy Acetone

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Acetone cure silicones adhesives have many technical advantages they are now being specified for a wide variety of applications especially within electronics. RTV’s are extremely flexible and user friendly. It is possible to adjust the curing regime through changes to the chemistry. ACC have formulated both Acetone and Alkoxy cured accelerated cure adhesives and a thermally conductive version for use in electronics