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Silicone Antifoams

What are Silicone Antifoams used for?

Whenever liquids are moved, pumped or agitated there is a risk of foam being developed. Large amounts of foam will often slow down the production process, inhibit chemical reactions and impair product performance.

CHT produces both silicone and non-silicone antifoams.

Applications include:

  • Adhesive manufacture
  • Food washing
  • Detergents, cleaners and polishes formulations
  • Pharmaceutical and food preparation processes
  • Petrochemical and agrochemical industry
  • Textile and leather industry
  • Pulp and paper production
  • Wastewater treatment plants
  • Paints, coatings and dispersions formulations


Silicones are widely used as defoamers (add as needed) and antifoams (added up front) in a wide variety food applications, including food and beverage, wastewater treatment, agriculture and cleaning agents. CHT offers the complete range of antifoams, which include stable emulsions of custom-hydrophobized silica (INCI name ‘simethicone’) as well as low HLB silicone polyethers that are effective in highly demanding applications just as defect-free coatings and residue-free textiles defoaming.

Common attributes of CHT’s off the shelf and customized food grade antifoam solutions are as follows:

  • Highly effective at low concentrations
  • Long lasting
  • Effective in hot and cold systems
  • FDA compliant
  • Dietary Compliance (Kosher & Halal)
  • Combatable with all aqueous systems
  • Specially made products to defoam anhydrous systems
  • Effective in high pH systems
  • Available as stable emulsions or 100% concentrates
  • Waste reduction

Finding the right silicone antifoam for your application is not limited to CHT’s off the shelf product portfolio. Our technical team strives on collaborations with our customers to codevelop bespoke, personalized products which suites their individual application.


Water treatment plants create foam which needs to be suppressed to maintain efficiency. Both silicone and non-silicone antifoams can be used to either knock down foam after build up or as an additive to reduce the initial build-up of foam. Product selection depends very much upon the pH value, temperature, water and the concentration or dosing requirement.

CHT antifoams for water treatment are available either as high percentage concentrated products for pre-dilution or ready to use solutions.

Non-silicone antifoams are particularly useful for use in biological plants where the use of a silicone may interfere with the growth of desirable bacteria.

For further information refer to the Antifoams product page or download our HANSA XFOAM Brochure

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HANSA XFOAM F 6120 20% Active Silicone Defoamer Highly active material based on silica-filled polydimethylsiloxane
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