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Foam Control

Silicone Antifoams

What are Silicone Antifoams used for?

Whenever liquids are moved, pumped or agitated there is a risk of foam being developed. Large amounts of foam will often slow down the production process, inhibit chemical reactions and impair product performance.

CHT produces both silicone and non-silicone antifoams.

Applications include:

For further information refer to the Antifoams product page.

Product Description Features
AF1206 Silicone Antifoam 6% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1208 Silicone Antifoam 8% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1210 Silicone Antifoam 10% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1216 Silicone Antifoam 16% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1220 Silicone Antifoam 20% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1316 Silicone Antifoam 16% Solids High antifoam activity
AF1324 FG Silicone Antifoam 24% Solids Food Grade Food contact approved
AF1500 FG Silicone Antifoam 100% Solids Food Grade 100% active
AF1500 LV Silicone Antifoam 100% Active Low Viscosity High antifoam activity
AF1500 MV Silicone Antifoam 100% Active Medium Viscosity High antifoam activity
AF25030 Non-silicone Antifoam 30% Active High antifoam activity
ICM TA-20 Silicone antifoam Extreme foam knock down
AF1500 HV Silicone Antifoam 100% Active High Viscosity Suitable for non-aqueous processes