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Silicones for Prosthetics

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Silicones for Prosthetics Manufacturing

Silicones are non-irritant to skin. Prosthetic liners made from silicone benefit patients because it has proven to be comfortable against skin, hypoallergenic, and endure long-term wear and daily stretching. Today, prosthetic manufacturers are receiving more client requests for a custom-made liner. Due to their versatile physical properties, silicones can be easily moulded to form unique shapes and sizes.

CHT offers a series of silicones that are safe for skin with ISO 10993 certification. CHT also consistently maintains its ISO 9001:2015 certification.

For advanced/mechanical prosthetic devices, CHT also offers a series of silicone potting compounds and encapsulants to protect sensitive electronic components.

Silicone Skins / Outer Coverings

Silicone skins are used to help create a realistic appearance for limb extremities by covering the titanium or other skeletal support systems/amenities of the prosthetic device. These silicones can also be used to create replacement body part prostheses (eg. hands, feet, ears, etc).

Mastectomy Prostheses

Breast forms and partial forms provide post-mastectomy patients  Extremely soft silicone rubber or silicone gels are prefered in this market because of their versatile properties. Silicones also offer many benefits to patients such as comfort, durability, natural appearance and movement as well as easy care and cleaning.

For further personalisation of the client’s prosthesis, natural- looking skin tones can be achieved by adding pigments to CHT’s soft silicone rubber grades. Also, CHT’s additives and coatings can be applied for results of a smooth, skin-like feel.

Finding the right silicone for your application is not limited to CHT’s product portfolio. Our technical team will partner with you to either modify specifications in a current product or custom formulate a new one to meet your exact requirements.

For technical assistance or sample requests, please visit our contact page.

Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
KÖRAFORM A 97084 2 part casting compound
QSil Matting Agent Matte Surface Finish Additive
QSil Smooth Coat Heat Cure, Top Matte Silicone Coating
QSil Smooth Coat RT Room Temperature Cure, Top Matte Silicone Coating
SilSo Replicate 21021 (KÖRAFORM A 97038) 2-part casting compound
Stretch FX 2 part moldmaking material