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Hydride Siloxanes

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Our hydride functional siloxanes are divided into crosslinkers and chain extenders, both of which not only influence the viscosity of the formulation, they are also responsible for the desired mechanical properties. While the crosslinker crosslinks the formulation and chain extenders lengthen the chain and thus give the elastomer the desired hardness and elongation.

CHT also offers these two types in combination. The flash point is regularly >65 °C and the density is 0.97 g/mol. The product is a colourless liquid.


  • Modifies Shore hardness
  • Increases tensile strength
  • Improves surface properties
  • Supports formulations with high elongation at break
  • Low D4; D5; D6 content

Finding the right silicone for your application is not limited to CHT’s product portfolio. Our technical team will partner with you to either modify specifications in a current product or custom formulate a new one to meet your exact requirements.

For technical assistance or sample requests, please visit our contact page.

Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
HANSA SFA 11230 Hydride modified siloxanes
HANSA SFA 11340 Hydride modified siloxanes
HANSA SFA 11730 Hydride modified siloxanes
HANSA SFA 12010 Hydride modified siloxanes
HANSA SFA 12302 Hydride modified siloxanes
HANSA SFA 13030 Hydride modified siloxanes