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Rapid Prototyping

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Rapid Prototyping

Rapid prototyping methods often use silicone moulds to reproduce a limited number of prototype components from resin masters. This process enables rapid, low cost and uncomplicated production of prototypes and models, with detailed reproduction, which allows further product development. The process unusually involves injecting polymer into a semi transparent silicone mould. The transparency enables the engineer to visually check that the polymer has reached all areas within intricate components.

Addition cure silicones are chosen for their superior tear strengths, excellent mechanical properties and high transparency. Silicone moulding rubbers provide exceptional reproduction of fine detail and release without the need for waxes or other release agents.


  • Fine detail reproduction
  • Dimensional stability
  • Self-releasing
  • High transparency
  • Very good resistance to chemicals

Finding the right silicone for your application is not limited to CHT’s product portfolio. Our technical team will partner with you to either modify specifications in a current product or custom formulate a new one to meet your exact requirements

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