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General Use Silicone Encapsulants & Potting Compounds

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General Use Silicone Encapsulants & Potting Compounds

CHT Silicones' 2-part RTV silicone potting compounds and encapsulants provide deep section cure, allowing for complete encapsulation of electronic components, protecting them from vibration and mechanical shock, contamination and excessive heat. Several of these products are UL approved and Silcoset® 101 is Aerospace approved.

General Attributes:

  • Choice of addition or condensation cure
  • Range of viscosities and hardnesses
  • Range of maximum working temperatures up to 275ºC
  • Available in a range of pack sizes


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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
QSil550 2-Part Addition Cure Encapsulant
SE2005 2 Part Condensation cure silicone encapsulant
SE2011 2-Part Self bonding potting compound
Silcoset 101 2 Part condensation cure silicone encapsulant high temperature