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Silicones for the Construction Industry

How are silicones used in Construction applications?

Sealants and adhesives have revolutionised building techniques in recent years but silicone sealants have been and continue to play a very important role. The natural physical characteristics of silicone include:

  • High strength bond with glass
  • High bond strength to ceramics
  • Water repellence
  • Flexibility
  • UV resistance

Glazing sealants now form structural functions within buildings and CHT manufactures to the highest standards. For many years, commercial sized marine aquaria with walk-through tunnels have been constructed using CHT’s translucent RTV silicone sealants.

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Product Description Features
ALPATEC 171 TRANSP 1 part adhesive and sealant Adheres to many substrates such as aluminium, non-ferrous metals, steel, glass, glass fabric, ceramics, thermosetting and thermoplastic synthetics, wood and other materials.
AS5600 Black 1-Part General Purpose Sealant Good adhesion to many plastics and metals
AS5600 Trans 1 Part General Purpose Sealant Good adhesion to many substrates
AS5700 1 Part General Purpose Sealant Non corrosive
AS5702 1 Part General Purpose Sealant Non corrosive
EM 3009 Emulsion of a reactive, film forming silicone One part composite-reinforced film former
EM 346 60% actives silicone emulsion Excellent break out with minimal stress or heating
HANSA® SFA 65003 Methacryloxy polysiloxane with terminal modification Methacryloxy modified siloxane
ICM 1000 Methyltrimethoxy Silane Effective coupling agent
ICM 1004 Diaminofunctional Silane Effective coupling agent
ICM 1005 100% glycidoxypropyltrimethoxysilane Effective coupling agent
ICM EM 100,000 NO NP 40% active emulsion of 100,000 cSt hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane High molecular weight
ICM EM 421 Ready to use ultra high molecular weight polydimethylsiloxane emulsion Ready to use formula
SILCO CT 5144 Low cyclic silicone non-ionic PDMS gum emulsion High solids emulsion of high molecular weight PDMS
Silcoset 152 1 part Adhesive Sealant Aerospace approved MSRR 9146
SilSo Bond 13560 1 Part General Purpose Sealant Good adhesion to many substrates
SilSo Replicate 21004 (ALPA-SIL 36202) 2-part silicone moulding rubber Crosslinks at temperatures as of 23 °C/77°F
SilSo Replicate 21005 (ALPA-SIL 38201) 2-part silicone moulding rubber Easy 1 :1 mix ratio
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