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Liquid Silicone Rubber LSR

LSR liquid Silicone Rubber

LSR (Liquid Silicone Rubbers) crosslink with heat, have a 1:1 mix ratio and use a polyaddition, platinum catalyst.

Due to the unique processing properties, LSR’s are suited for numerous industrial applications across many industries. CHT’s ALPA-LSR product series crosslink without by-products and offer extraordinary mechanical properties. Due to a low compression set, ALPA-LSR products are the ideal components for producing complex shapes.

Because of their biocompatibility, odourless nature and good haptical properties, silicones are the first choice for many medical and orthopaedic products. Their high temperature stability, good insulating properties and low compression set are advantageous for the industrial processing of seal rings, plug-in connectors and membranes. Silicones crosslink without any by-products and when combined with injection-moulding, these silicones enable fast, high volume production of tiny components with complex shapes and fine detail.

ALPA-LSR products stand out with these properties:

  • High dimensional stability
  • High temperature resistance (- 50 to + 200 °C)
  • High elongation and flexibility even at temperatures far below 0°C
  • Hydrophobic behaviour
  • High UV and weather resistance
  • Resistance to high levels of ozone
  • Good mechanical and damping properties
  • No outgassing reaction products
  • Mouldings with complex shapes are possible
  • Effective production of high quantities by means of short cycles
  • High transparency
  • Suited for food contact (complies with FDA and BFR)

CHT Laser marking LSR’s

CHT has formulated specialised LSR’s which have been developed to facilitate permanent laser marking on the final component. A forgery-proof, clear print is guaranteed which is resistant to abrasion and to environmental impact.

The ALPA-LSR product series can be found in our product finder and we will be happy to advise you personally on products and application procedures.

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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
ALPA-LSR 120201 2 part casting compound
QM Pt Accelerator Addition cure curing accelerator
QSil Beyond X1 Two-part Self-Bonding Transparent Liquid Silicone Elastomer
SilSo Clear 21002 2 Part Optically Clear Liquid Silicone Rubber
SilSo Resist 21004 2-part liquid silicone rubber