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Silicones for Rail Applications

Mass transit and rail systems are operating within harsh environments and operating conditions expose components to high levels of physical stress. Silicone elastomers play an important role in protecting the components from degradation which leads to premature failure or breakdown.

Signalling systems contain microelectronics and are usually located at the trackside and exposed to the elements and vibration from passing trains. Silicone encapsulants, conformal coatings and adhesive sealants will ensure they remain in good reliable condition. Within the engine and carriages, silicones are used to protect electronic control units, provide electrical insulation and are used to bond and seal.

LED lighting is not only used within the compartments but also externally on platforms and for signage throughout the stations. Silicones an be used to dissipate unwanted heat from the LED’s and optically clear encapsulants can be used to protect and enhance the luminaire or screen.

Application areas include:

Finding the right silicone for your application is not limited to CHT’s product portfolio. Our technical team will partner with you to either modify specifications in a current product or custom formulate a new one to meet your exact requirements. 

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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
ALPATEC 114 1 part adhesive and sealant
ALPATEC 124 ROT 1 part adhesive and sealant
ALPATEC 171 TRANSP 1 part adhesive and sealant
SGM494 Silicone Grease