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Silicone for Vacuum Bags

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Silicones for Producing Reusable Vacuum Bags 

CHT offers a series of addition cure silicone elastomers for the manufacture of reusable vacuum bags for resin infusion. These silicones formulated as a sprayable material allowing for exceptionally low cost composite manufacture using resin infusion technology. CHT's silicone solutions enable composite manufacturers to decrease production times, achieve consistent part production, and reduce material waste. In addition, the closed-mold process enables a much safer working environment since VOC emissions are reduced.

General Attributes:

  • 1:1 mix ratio
  • Easy to apply using fully automated mixing and spray equipment
  • Fast curing heat accelerated RTV
  • High tear and tensile strength for repeated uses of the bag
  • Low viscosity


  • Automotive parts such as bumpers and windscreens
  • Aerospace components
  • Marine & RV components

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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
QSil Smooth Coat Heat Cure, Top Matte Silicone Coating
QSil Smooth Coat RT Room Temperature Cure, Top Matte Silicone Coating
QVB 701 2 Part Molding Silicone for Reusable Vacuum Bags
QVB 720 2 Part Molding Silicone for Reusable Vacuum Bags
SilSo Replicate 21005 (ALPA-SIL 38201) 2-part silicone moulding rubber
VBS26-35 2 part moulding compound