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Optically Clear Silicone Encapsulants

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Silicone With Optical Clarity

CHT’s series of optically clear silicones can be used to bond glass and plastics to flat screen panel and LCD displays and feature high refractive indices to provide contrast enhancement that yields high resolution. For LED encapsulation, these optically clear silicones feature non-yellowing catalyst systems providing UV resistance even throughout long-term exposure.

General Attributes:

  • UV resistant - non yellowing
  • Addition cure materials
  • Low viscosities
  • Choice of heat cure or heat accelerated RTV
  • Working temperatures from -60°C to 200°C


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Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
EGel3000 2-part silicone gel low viscosity
QLE1102 2 Part silicone encapsulant optically clear
QSil216 10:1 Addition cure silicone encapsulant optically clear
QSil229 1:1 Addition cure silicone encapsulant optically clear
QSil214 Transparent Silicone Elastomer