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Recycled Silicones


How silicones are normally produced in simple terms.

Quartz/sand is mined from the ground and chemical processed into silicon. This silicon is the  base material for the production of silicone polymers. Further chemical reaction using the silicone monomers produces a wide range of polymers for use in a variety of applications.

New sustainable way to make a silicone out of waste.
Used crosslinked silicone elastomers such molds and gaskets are mechanically processed to be used as a base for the next step.


These end-of-life polymers are catalytically split into silicone monomers, modified, and then finally polymerized in
to a new modified silicone in virgin quality, which can be used for Personal and Home Care products.

First Product Development

Amino Funtional Microemulsion

INCI: Gluconamido Amodimethicone (and) Coco glucoside

Recommend applications:

  • Shampoo transparent and milky
  • Shampoo for normal and dry hair
  • Leave-on products and treatments


  • Improves combing on wet hair
  • No heavy feel on dry hair
  • Natural softness
  • Silky shine on hair
  • Moisturized skin feel
  • Natural origin content: 85%
  • Sustainability factor

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Product Listing

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CHT-BeauSil RE-AMO 919 EM Microemulsion of a sugar modified siloxane as an ingredient for Personal Care.