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Sustainability at CHT Group

The present is the future

For far too long, economic interests and personal needs have been pursued at the expense of ecosystems and social justice. With the result that global ecosystems are on the verge of collapse, the regenerative capacity of our planet is in grave danger, and social inequality prevails. The facts are clear and there is no longer any alternative. It is imperative that consumption and production of goods and services take place within a framework that does not further restrict the living opportunities of future generations.


When it comes to the importance of sustainability, there is only one opinion within the CHT Group. We act in an ecologically and socially conscious way and practice careful use of resources and energy.


We create fair working conditions worldwide, value diversity and offer permanently secure jobs for our employees. This also includes the fact that CHT sites and production facilities worldwide have comprehensive certifications, ensuring the highest safety standards and optimized processes.



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