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Leather Treatments using Silicones

CHT offers a wide range of silicones and waxes to be used in leather and synthetic leather markets. We offer solutions for both wet-end and finishing. Moreover, we have fluids, emulsions and dispersions.

Sustainability and safety are a key focus for the CHT group. Hence, we offer mainly water-based products and cyclic-free alternatives.

Our products are perfectly suited for luxury fashion goods such as touch modifiers or water-repellent/waterproofing additives. Other key additives include antisqueak, rub-fastness improvement and antistatic/anti-soiling used in the automotive market.


Our products for leather conditioning include two groups.

The first group includes silicones (cationic and non-ionic) used in finishing formulations that bestow a wide spectra of touch modifications spanning from dry and slippery to fatty and full.

The second group includes functional additives to improve technical performances.

  • Wetting and levelling agents
    • Polyether-modified siloxanes decrease the surface tension between leather and liquid, providing noticeable wetting and levelling features
  • Anti-squeak agents
    • These versatile silicones provide a soft and smooth touch while reducing the coefficient of friction value. This provides the anti-squeak behavior that is required in the automotive market.
  • Rub fastness and Taber resistance is an important feature for the car upholstery segment. CHT offers innovative and environmentally friendly solutions.
  • Silicone and carbon-based wax additives are well suited for the shoe upper and garment finishing. They impart anti-swelling and add the ability to polish multiple times.


Our special silicone solutions exhibit hydrophobicity thanks to chemical functionalities on the polymer chains. This feature allows an excellent distribution of the humidity along leather fibres, providing a high-quality, soft and “full” sensation.

Our silicones softeners are suitable for wet-end and finishing applications for formulating fat-liquors, pre-grounds or touch modifiers.

CHT wet-end additives are typically used in the wet-drum stage. Also, if correctly diluted can be applied by spray process or roller in finishing applications.

See our solution guides for leather softeners and contact us for formulating assistance.  


CHT offers formulation assistance with water-resistant silicones for wet-end and leather finishing.

Formulators need an appropriate carboxy-functional polydimethylsiloxane to impart water repellence for wet-end processing. This process exploits the carboxy functionalities to bind the silicone to the leather fibre. Leaving the silicone to exploit its natural hydrophobicity to protect the leather. CHT products transform formulations to significantly enhance the penetration within the fibres and improve the final performance.

Special reactive emulsions can be used alone or in combination with standard anionic waterborne binders in leather finishing. These can replace fluorocarbon resins which are known to cause environmental issues, especially in wastewater. For this reason, CHT offers sustainable solutions for replacing fluorocarbons in leather formulations.


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Product Description Features
EM 1144 60% active emulsion of ultra high molecular weight PDMS Imparts slip and mar resistance in a high solids emulsion
EM 1407 40% Active Emulsion of a High Molecular Weight Polydimethylsiloxane Long lasting
EM 1421 60% Active Emulsion of Ultra High MW Polydimethylsiloxane Excellent mar resistance and leveling
EM 1435 40% Active Emulsion of a High MW Polydimethylsiloxane Excellent wetting and spreading
EM 1449 35% Active Cationic Emulsion of Amine Functional Polydimethylsiloxane Excellent wetting and spreading
EM 1469 55% Active Emulsion of a 60,000 cSt Polydimethylsiloxane Excellent wetting and spreading
EM 1612 15% surfactant-free microemulsion of a unique amino-functional silioxane Faciliatates rapid water sheeting and beading on automotive surfaces
EM 1616 16% surfactant-free solution of a unique amino-functional siloxane Facilitates rapid water sheeting and beading on automotive surfaces
EM 1642 High-end nonionic emulsion of silicone crosspolymer Excellent surface leather conditioner
EM 346 60% actives silicone emulsion Excellent break out with minimal stress or heating
HANSA® SFA 65003 Methacryloxy polysiloxane with terminal modification Methacryloxy modified siloxane
ICM EM 1,000,000(50) NO NP 50% active emulsion of 1,000,000 cSt hydroxy terminated polydimethylsiloxane High molecular weight
ICM EM 1616 ECO 16% surfactant-free emulsion of unique amino-functional siloxane < 3% VOC
ICM EM 1630 37% milk white emulsion of an alkyl modified aminosiloxane Adds and extremely hydrophobic and protective clear coat to car surfaces
SILCO CT 5144 Low cyclic silicone non-ionic PDMS gum emulsion High solids emulsion of high molecular weight PDMS
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