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Silicone Roller Coatings

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Silicone Roller Coatings

Roller manufacturers who have transitioned to CHT’s flowable RTV-2 silicone elastomers have experienced many process advantages. CHT’s liquid silicones can be pumped at much lower pressures and time is reduced when filling moulds compared to using gum stock or paste materials.

Additionally, CHT’s liquid silicones are easily processed when used with sleeves or in applications requiring thin roll coats. These silicones also rebound instantaneously and do not take a set if the proper cure profile is followed.

Features and Benefits of CHT’s silicone solutions:

  • No knit lines resulting in seamless roller production and minimized defects in finished rollers and the end product
  • Excellent machinability and grindability
  • Customisable cure time to meet different production requirements
  • Low viscosity for ease in processing
  • Low compression set
  • Wide selection of durometer specifications from 20 to 80 (Shore A)
  • Good chemical resistance
  • Thermally conductive grades available
  • High operating temperature up to 260°C

Applications benefitting from CHT’s silicones include:

  • Photocopy rollers
  • Laser printer rollers
  • Photographic imaging rollers
  • Printing rollers
  • Currency dispensing rollers
  • Film and microfilm rollers
  • Magnetic tape capstans
  • Medical chart recorder rollers
  • High-speed mail sorting rollers
  • Cleaning (sticky) rollers
  • Medical imaging rollers

Finding the right silicone for your application is not limited to CHT’s product portfolio. Our technical team will partner with you to either modify specifications in a current product or custom formulate a new one to meet your exact requirements. 

For technical assistance or sample requests, please visit our contact page.

Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
KÖRAFORM A 50 SCHWARZ 2 part casting compound
KÖRAFORM A 50 T 2 part casting compound
QM 258 2 part moldmaking material
QM 260 2 part moldmaking material
QM 261 2 part moldmaking material
QM 262 2 Part Mold Making Silicone
QM 262Clear 2 part addition cure MM
QM 264 2 part moldmaking material
QM 264HT 2 part moldmaking material
QM 265 2 part moldmaking material
QM 270 2 part moldmaking material
QM 272 2 part moldmaking material
QM 280 2 part moldmaking material
QSil 7720 Addition Cure Potting Silicone
QSil 7760 Addition Cure Silicone Elastomer
SilSo Replicate 21019 (KÖRAFORM A 50) 2-part casting compound