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Silicone Additives

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Additives for Silicone Elastomers

CHT manufacture a variety of additives for use with our silicone elastomers. They can be used to control cure speeds, rheology, hardness and other physical properties of the cured rubber.

Thixotoping Agents

These are used togteher with our silicone MouldingRrubbers and catalysts for use on verticle surfaces. See our Thixotroping page.

Silicone Fluids

These can be used as dilutents to reduce the viscosity of an uncured material or lower the hardness of the cured elastomer. Specially formulated fluids, with the addition of UV pigments, are used with our range of RTV conformal coatings.

Silicone fluids are regularly used in the manufacture of special effects, prosthetics and Tampo printing pads.

Silicone Primers

Priming of surfaces to achieve improved adhesion has been employed in industry for many years and is of particular importance in the use of silicone adhesive sealants and 2-part RTV silicone rubbers. CHT produce a range of silicone based primers for use with both condensation cure and addition cure elastomers.

Please see our Silicone Primer page for more information.

Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
ACC31 Thinner for ACC11
MM CAT B5 NT Catalyst
MM CAT L6W NT Catalyst
MM CAT R 5 NT Catalyst
Primer No. 3 Primer
Primer No. 6 Primer
Primer OP2N-1 Primer
QSil Matting Agent Matte Surface Finish Additive
QSil Primer #3 Primer
QSil Primer #3 Clear Primer
QSil Primer #3UV Primer
QSil Primer #5 Primer
QSil Primer #6 Primer
QSil Primer #7 Primer
QSil Primer #8 Primer
Silcoset Primer Primer
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