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Thixotroping Agent for Silicone Rubber

CHT thixotroping agents are used with silicone condensation and addition cure RTV moulding rubbers. When added to the liquid silicone and catalyst it turns them into a paste within seconds, allowing the uncured silicone rubber to be applied to vertical surfaces using a brush or knife.

General Attributes:

  • For use with any of our 900 series of moulding rubbers together with either the standard or fast catalyst
  • Variable addition rate - the more you add the thicker the rubber will become
  • Excellent thixotroping performance


  • Moulding of architectural pieces whilst still in situ
  • Moulding statuary, sculptures and figurines

Product Listing

Code Description Request Sample TDS SDS
KÖRAFORM TM C Thixotropic agent for casting compounds
QM Thixo Agent Thixotropic Additive for Condensation Cure Moldmaking
Thixo Agent AC Thixotropic Additive for Addition Cure Moldmaking