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What is RTV Silicone?

RTV silicone is a liquid silicone compound that cures at room temperature to form a flexible rubber. This can be either an Adhesive Sealant, Moulding Rubber or Electronic Encapsulant Potting Compound.

The term RTV is means Room Temperature Vulcanising.

The most common RTV silicones use a tin catalyst together with moisture from the atmosphere to cure the rubber, these are and are known as Condensation Cure. Click here for  more information on RTV Moulding Rubbers or RTV Adhesives

There are RTV compounds that use platinum catalysts are known as Addition Cure and these cure without the need of moisture. The cure speed of Addition cure RTV’s can also be accelerated using elevated temperatures. Click here for more information on Addition Cure Encapsulants, Addition Cure Adhesives, Addition Cure Moulding Rubbers.