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What is silicone rubber used for?

Silicone rubber comes in a variety of forms, adhesives, sealants, moulding rubbers for reproduction, encapsulants and potting compounds for electronics and coatings.

Silicone polymers are usually flowable liquids which are cured to form a flexible silicone elastomer or rubber. Additives provide additional characteristics such as adhesion, colour, thermal conductivity to mention a few. Silicone rubber is especially resistant to high temperatures and attack from moisture or chemicals.

As silicone sealants they are widely used in the construction industry with excellent adhesion to glass and ceramics and plastics.

In electronics they are used as adhesives, encapsulants and coatings providing high temperature resistance and being increasingly used for thermal transfer in high power or heat generating applications.

Food grade silicones for making utensils and increasing silicones mould for food products. Food Grade silicones are widely used to make bespoke silicone moulds for the confectionery and cake decorating industries for moulding icing sugar and chocolate.

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