World class silicones for worldwide solutions

European Coatings Show

From March 28-30, 2023 the CHT experts will show at their Booth 532

Powerful additives for industrial coating systems, printing inks, concrete and architectural paints

Highly effective additives and binders give your products the decisive add-on.

Our ECS highlights:

  • New anti-spatter additive for architectural paints; guar gum base with AGOCEL® AC 1147 rheological additive
  • SILCO® biocide-free dispersing additives for organic and inorganic pigments and fillers
  • Comprehensive relaunch of our defoamer technology SPACTIVE® defoamers
  • High-performance specialty polymers for efficient, long-lasting film properties as TECOSIT® filmformers
  • Sustainable alternative to paraffin with ULTRALUBE® CT 7000 surface modifiers
  • Innovative combination of breathability and reduced water absorption by means of VARIPHOB® AC 3030 hydrophobic agent


Antifoams and defoamers for industrial processes

The CHT experts of BU Industrial Production present their latest antifoams and defoamers for industrial applications.

CHT's highly concentrated HANSA® XFOAM solutions based on tailor-made polysiloxanes combine high process safety with long-term performance. Our silicone-based antifoams and defoamers are highly efficient even at low dosages, have an excellent persistence and are effective on macro and micro foam. The final performance will be affected by the level of material incompatibility in the application.

CHT's silicone-based antifoams and defoamers are used in chemical production additives, distillation & extraction processes, pulp & paper, wastewater treatment, metalworking fluids & lubricants, agriculture formulations, cleaning agents, and food & beverage processing.


Additives for leather production

Our experts of BU Industrial Production present you the latest HANSA® PROOF solutions for leather which can be used to achieve first-class water repellency. These innovative fluorocarbon-free polysiloxanes meet international standards and offer tailor-made, sustainable solutions for your customers.

With our specifically developed portfolio of HANSA® TOUCH products, you can achieve perfect leather finishing on shoes, clothes, car upholstery or upholstered furniture.