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Join our Upcoming Webinar on Lightweight Silicone Solutions for EV Batteries and Electronics

Webinar Overview:

Hear from CHT's experts on why low density silicone foams are finding applications in battery packs to minimize thermal runaway and in electronics where weight savings are needed. Low density foams exhibit thermal stability with a low compression set, excellent weatherability, and feature closed cells for protection against moisture and debris.

These formulations have also been developed with lower viscosities to improve the mixing process and flow characteristics to enable optimal filling of electronic parts and EV battery modules. This feature represents progress beyond prior foam technology offered.

Because applications are unique, CHT's experts partner with customers to custom formulate solutions to meet specific project requirements.

During this webinar, you will:

  • Gain an understanding of key features in silicone foams such as excellent weatherability with UV and ozone resistance, and thermal cycling stability
  • Learn why silicone foams are resilient with excellent flame retardance
  • Find out why low density chemistries can outperform other potting agents with weight savings
  • Discover how these low density chemistries are engineered for automated dispensing and potting
  • Explore how CHT formulations can be further optimized for your specific application


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