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ONE CHT Silicones

The CHT silicone offering was previously represented on 4 websites,,, and This fragmentation is now history as we have united all silicone information and put it on a single website. All previous websites are now redirected to the new CHT silicone site.

The platform offers the following advantages for existing and prospective customers:

  • Easy access to all silicone disciplines
  • Clear product and application focus
  • See the global CHT silicones range in one place
  • View and download product technical data
  • Request samples and technical support wherever you are
  • Access our automated product selector to find and compare products
  • View and download our latest brochures and see the latest news

CHT formulate and manufacture silicone based adhesives, elastomers (RTV, Heat Cure and LSR’s), emulsions, fluids, antifoams, crosspolymer gels, greases, primers, emulsifiers, beads, waxes, siloxanes and masterbatches.

Silicones are versatile materials used in all aspects of life and CHT is future focused and formulates sustainable silicone chemistries and products. You too can trust the CHT silicone experts. Our forward-thinking, experienced developers and technicians will help you achieve your goals. Challenge us!

One united CHT – One common goal – One click