World class silicones for worldwide solutions

The Silicone Expo USA 2022

The CHT Group invites you to meet our silicone experts at Booth #441 during the inaugural 2022 Silicone Expo, taking place 21-23 of June in Detroit, Michigan USA.

The Silicone Expo is the first free-to-attend commercial trade show and conference for the silicone industry. Global exhibitors from the entire manufacturing and extended supply chains (of elastomers, resins, fluids and gels) will be pitched face-to-face with buyers and delegates from a multitude of industries. The Silicone Expo will also showcase two world class free-to-attend conferences in manufacturing and applications.

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CHT Technical Conference Schedule:

  • Tuesday, 21 June | 12pm – 12:45pm | Applications and Processing Track: Session Why Siloxanes are Different to Organic Polymers, and Lesser-Known Liquid Silicones in Our Lives - Pete LeBaron, Ph.D., Global Head of Technical Service & Development, CHT USA


  • Thursday, 23 June | 10am – 10:45am | Manufacturing Track Session: Silicone Elastomers and Outdoor Applications - Kevin Lewis, Ph.D., Research & Development Director of Silicone Elastomers, CHT USA


CHT’s silicone experts will be featuring an extensive range of sustainable silicone solutions for:

  • Industrial Production
    • Release agents, antifoams, food grade emulsions
  • Electronics / Lighting / Transportation / Aerospace applications
    • Thermal management solutions, 1-part adhesives, optically clear silicones, UL Listed and MIL SPEC grades
    • New chemistries designed to reduce weight and mitigate thermal runaway especially in EV batteries
  • Textile & Plastic Recycling applications
    • Coatings, softening agents, cleaning additives
  • Construction
    • VARIPHOB® hydrophobic agents, SILCO® leveling & wetting agents, SPACTIVE® defoamers, and AGOCEL® rheology additives
  • Consumer Care applications
    • Crosspolymers, aminosiloxanes, waxes, quats, PEGS
  • Agriculture
    • Spreading & leveling agents, foam control solutions

CHT’s team will be ready to:

  • Discuss your project’s challenges and objectives
  • Explain how silicone technology can benefit your application and enhance productivity
  • Talk about how we tailor solutions for your specific needs
  • Share information on our latest research and development activities, and advanced in-house lab testing capabilities


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We look forward to connecting with you at our booth #441.