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About Us

CHT - Global Silicone Experts

CHT further strengthened its position as a global producer of speciality silicone elastomers and rubber with the acquisition of the ICM silicones Group in 2017 which included Quantum Silicones, ACC Silicones, ICM Products, Amber Silicones and Treco SRL. Now operating under the CHT brand, the expanded group includes manufacturing plants and technical laboratories in Germany, Austria, United Kingdom, Italy, North America and China.

Sales and technical support are provided through an international network of CHT offices and partners located in over 60 countries around the world in all continents.

  • silicone elastomers
  • silicone fluids
  • silicone emulsions
  • silicone antifoams
  • silicone adhesive sealants
  • silicone coatings

Technical Capabilities 

Building upon its vast experience and expertise as a speciality chemical company, the CHT Group offers silicone materials using a diverse range of base chemistries. These chemistries enable products to be formulated to meet the specific processing needs and physical demands of very different industries. 

CHT has the capability to manufacture both 1-Part and 2-Part silicone compounds which will cure at either room temperature (RTV) or by using heat. Crosslinking systems include condensation cure, using tin and addition cure, using platinum. Within our range, we have recently developed LSR’s (Liquid Silicone Rubber). These liquid silicone elastomers are specifically designed for the use in fully automated industrial processes such as LIMS (Liquid Injection Moulding Systems). 

Additionally, we can support you with our highly specialised formulating additives and master batches which will offer total flexibility when creating your own formulations. Our silicones can also be supplied as aqueous liquids using our sophisticated emulsification technology. 

If you need assistance with your product selection, the CHT technical team are available to share application-based advice. Developing bespoke products that meet all your design and functional requirements, is also one part of our core business.

For further information about the CHT Group see our Company Profile page.