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We take care – because we can

Innovative ability and material science was and is the great strength of the CHT Group. Our "SMART CHEMISTRY" has made us a successful global player. With our clever developments, we offer answers to crucial future questions and the major trends in all our business areas. Every day, our R&D departments and application engineers work on innovative, versatile and differentiated solutions for a better future.

More than ever, we are applying our chemical expertise with a primary focus on developing products and process solutions that are fit for the future and sustainably optimized in terms of material use, application, life cycle and circularity.

Making our products and our actions consistently sustainable is a challenge we are happy to take on. This path offers great opportunities and potential for our company, but also for our customers and business partners as well as all associated value chains.


CHT Group, the preferred partner and leading reference for sustainable chemical solutions in our worldwide markets.

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Creating facts - strategically anchored and comprehensively documented

CHT's corporate strategy is closely linked to the Sustainable Development Goals of the United Nations. We evaluate our growth targets, fields of action, strategies and measures on the basis of their contribution towards those goals. Therefore by documneting these essential building blocks for the future, we show our clear commitment to the goals of the United Nations. This is also underlined by CHT's membership in the UN Global Compact (

And because we take it really seriously, we regularly put ourselves to the test.

This gives us, as well as all stakeholders of the CHT Group, a clear picture of not only our efforts and successes, but also potential for improvement with regard to sustainability and corporate social responsibility. Our actions are documented and audited on the basis of comprehensive uniform standards and criteria set by internationally recognized organizations.



EcoVadis is a sustainability assessment platform for global supply chains that aims to promote companies' environmental and social practices through CSR performance monitoring within the supply chain and help companies improve sustainability.

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Sustainability Report

Our annual publication, first issued in 2014, comprehensively and transparently documents core projects, activities and achievements of the CHT Group and makes them available to the public on our website. The report follows the GRI standards of the Global Reporting Initiative based on the core option. The centerpiece of the report are environmental KPIs with a strong focus on climate accounting. As well as current topics and developments that showcase CHT's commitment to sustainability and innovation. They vividly demonstrate the Group's contribution to achieving the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

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Social commitment - The Reinhold Beitlich Foundation

In 1983, Reinhold Beitlich and his wife Gertrud founded the charitable Reinhold Beitlich Foundation (RBS). In doing so, the founding father of the CHT Group wanted to give part of the profits of his successful chemical company back to society and donate them for the common good.

Beitlich's credo "Helping is part of life" has been practiced in many ways ever since, long after the couple's death. Every year, the foundation supports around 250 social projects and measures in Germany and around the world. The basis of the commitment are annual distributions from the earnings of the CHT Group to the Reinhold Beitlich Foundation. In total, more than 14 million euros have been invested in charitable causes since the 1980s.

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Additional facts

  • 65% of sales in 2021 with dedicated sustainable ECO Ranges
  • (More Details
  • GHG emissions reduction strategy applied according to the Science Based Targets initiative (SBTi)
  • Participation in the chemistry4climate initiative of the German Chemical Industry Association (VCI)
  • Procurement evaluates suppliers with a sustainability rating
  • Code of conduct is framing all internal and external operations
  • All global production sites are ISO 14001 certified